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Michael Thomas CDL Truck Driver Recruiter

Hello everyone, Im Michael Thomas. I am a private commercial truck driver broker who works for only the best cdl truck drivers in America. I'm also a licensed freight broker and trucking company builder for nearly 25 years. I have many trucking company's looking to negotiate with the right class A driver. I specialize in the construction industry working with heavy haul freight and also within the reefer industry. I can help you find a great job pulling good paying freight. My job is to help trucking companies grow and I have been doing this for a long time. My partnered trucking companies I work with respect me greatly and when I have a professional CDL Truck Driver, they are open to discuss with me about you.


More About Me...

For the last 25 years I have been working within logistics . I'm a Logistics Author, Freight Broker, TMS Software Developer, Corporate Logistics Business Consultant and I build Trucking Companies.


I work daily as a professional freight broker and I currently teach individuals all over the world about logistics thru a Logistical Development Training Program I built 18 Years ago until now. I also work within Truck Compliance and help trucking company's with solutions for DOT Audits and Registration.


Logistics is my life and I truly enjoy what I do. I consider myself to be one of the best out there !

What does this mean for you as a CDL truck driver ?

I have a lot of great connections with trucking companies and I work with some of the best trucking companies in America. Most of these trucking companies are smaller family owned companies who actually care about their CDL Drivers. I work with company's who are built on integrity. They hire me to find people just like you. Once a trucking company is interested with your skills and services, I can begin to negotiate the best truck driver contract on your behalf. I can get you better equipment, better driver pay, and better terms. Its worth your while to have someone like myself representing you!

So What Can I Do For Your truck driving career ?

I can represent you and get you driving with some of the best companies in trucking. I can help you get better pay, better equipment, owner financing options, and a truck driving rate contract that you would be proud of. I also can help you get some cash up front and possible medical insurance for you and your family. Bottom line is I know how to represent truck drivers and I'm one of the best in the trucking industry ! I am your "Jerry McGuire" and I help "Show You The Money"

Are You Committed In A Truck Driver Contract ?

I do not ask for a driver contract. All I ask is give me 90 days to find you a great paying job that offers more than what you wanted. Ill keep my end of the deal and I expect the same from you. I will knock on the best doors and speak on your behalf. You wont owe me a dime and I will bring you dollars!

What's The Catch, Is there a Fee ?

My service cost you absolutely nothing. As a matter of fact, I'm getting you a lot of attention and possible truck driver perks . I work for Trucking Company's who use my service within compliance and consulting. I also have investors ready to buy new equipment if I can find them the right cdl truck driver.


I already have a Trucking network built. Check out my Consulting website where I have been teaching Logistics to America for more than 20 years at Logistical Forwarding Solutions. I am able to help both sides find the best by networking and negotiating.

I can help you build a career that takes you beyond truck driving and into become "A Professional Logistics Service Provider" 


"Help Me Help You"

I Can Help CDL Truck Drivers With 

Better Money

I will get you better paying money than average. I will negotiate for more money.

Better Equipment

Lets get you in brand new equipment with the latest technology


Grow in a company and build a fleet within. Get business minded and take it to another level.

Home Time

I understand having a family and home life. Lets look for regional and local work where you live that pays good.

I want you to reach out to me if your looking for something different and exciting with being a professional CDL truck driver. I will help you in getting a truck driving position that is unique and special. I will be happy to speak with you and answer any questions you might have.


CDL Truck Driver Recruiter Michael Thomas
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